Plumbing Permits

The purpose of the plumbing permit issuance and plumbing inspection is to protect the public health and welfare by establishing minimum standards for planning, installing, altering, extending, repairing and the maintenance of plumbing systems.

Any person who is engaged in the business, trade or work having to do with the installation, removal, alteration, or repair of plumbing and drainage systems or parts thereof must obtain a plumbing permit from the Building Codes Bureau if you are in the States jurisdiction.

Certified local governments may enforce the mechanical code within their jurisdictional area. All other areas fall under the State's jurisdiction. Contact the Building Codes Bureau or local government to determine which jurisdiction you are in.

Plumbing permit applications may also be obtained from an area Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector.

Homeowners do not need to obtain a plumbing permit provided he/she is doing the plumbing installation themselves and the residence is for the owner's personal use and not built on speculation of resale or intended as a rental property.

Farms and ranches, mines, mills, smelters, railroads, and public utilities are exempt from state plumbing permit requirements.

The service of a Montana licensed Master Plumber is required on all public/commercial buildings. For plumbing licensure information, call (406) 444-6880.

NOTE: A plumbing inspection must be requested and inspections must be conducted prior to the covering of any portion of the plumbing work. All plumbing must meet the requirements of the Uniform Plumbing Code.

Upon receipt of the Application for a Plumbing Permit with the applicable fee(s), the Bureau will issue the official plumbing permit covering the installation.

The permit holder shall be responsible for, and shall ensure that, all work performed under the plumbing permit meets the requirements of the state building code, including the Uniform Plumbing Code.

If in doubt as to whether your building needs a plumbing permit please e-mail the Plumbing and Mechanical program or call (406) 841-2056.

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