Frequently Asked Questions

Will my complaint remain confidential?

The licensee receives a copy of the complaint in order that a response to the allegations can be made. The Screening Panel is a Closed Meeting. However, if the Board proceeds with disciplinary action, the Notice is a public document as are all subsequent legal filings. Hearing proceedings (if the licensee requests a hearing) are open to the public, as is the Adjudication Panel meeting.

Will I be allowed to present my case at the Screening Panel meeting?

No. At the Screening Panel meeting you will not have the opportunity to provide testimony. You must present all pertinent information in your initial complaint/response. You may be asked questions by the Panel if you choose to attend, but otherwise your participation is limited to listening to the Panel’s discussion.

Can the Department offer me any legal advice?

No. Department staff can refer you to the rules and statutes and answer questions about the complaint process, but the Department represents neither complainants nor licensees. Individuals involved in a complaint are encouraged to seek professional legal assistance if they feel they need legal advice or services.

I have questions about the complaint process. Who should I contact?

All correspondence from the Compliance Office will contain contact information for the Compliance Specialist assigned to your case. You may also wish to access the webpage below for more detailed information.