Building Safety Month 2016

Building Codes: Driving Growth through Innovation, Resilience, and Safety

Building Safety Month provides education for the public about solutions that improve the safety, sustainability and resiliency of buildings, infrastructure and communities.  Properly administered and up-to-date safety codes reduce loss of life and property damage.  Contemporary planning, building materials, design and construction can make our communities more resilient to weatherization and natural disasters.  Building Safety Month unites industries, associations, academia and government under a common goal to protect the public by creating a safe and resilient built environment.

Each week in May has it's own theme:

Week One - May 2-8, 2016 - Building Solutions for All Ages

Week Two - May 9-15, 2016 - The Science Behind the Codes

Week Three - May 16-22, 2016 - Learn from the Past, Build for Tomorrow

Week Four - May 23-29, 2016 - Building Codes: A Smart Investment