Certified City, County and Town Programs

The local legislative body of a city, county or town may adopt a building code by ordinance to apply to the city, county or town jurisdictional area. A city, county or town building code may include only codes adopted by the Building Codes Bureau.

A city, county or town may not enforce a building code unless the code enforcement program has been certified by the Building Codes Bureau as in compliance with applicable statutes and rules; the current adopted code, a current list of fees to be imposed and a current plan for enforcement of the code have been filed and approved by the Bureau; and all inspectors inspecting or approving any installations, which if accomplished commercially require state licensure, must be properly and currently state-licensed journeyman in that craft or occupation or be certified by a national recognized entity for testing and certification of inspectors that is approved by the Bureau before being permitted to inspect or approve any installation.

As part of the continuing certification of a city, county or town, certain annual requirements must be met including submittal of annual reports to the Building Codes Bureau and, when certain criteria are met, submittal of independent audits. Annual reporting requirements can be found in ARM 24.301.207 (1) through (4).

The requirements for an independent audit can be found in ARM 24.301.208 (1). This rule identifies the criteria for any certified city, county or town which, when met, require an independent fiscal audit to be performed and submitted to the Certified Local Government Program.  Audits are required to be performed per the guidelines of agreed upon procedures as established by the Building Codes Bureau. The following link provides a copy of the revised current agreed upon procedures.

Agreed Upon Procedures

Questions regarding certification procedures and requirements e-mail buildingcodes@mt.gov or call (406) 841-2056.

Below is a list of all certified local government building code jurisdictions and certified building code inspectors:

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All other areas are under the jurisdiction of the State Building Codes Bureau

Anaconda/Deer Lodge B Dustin McKenney 563-4011 Entire County
Belgrade B,P Jason Karp  388-4994 City Limits 
Billings B, P(M/G) E, M, SP Brian Anderson 657-8273 City Limits
Bozeman B, P, E, M, SP Bob Risk 582-2377 City Limits
Butte-Silver Bow B, P, E, M Michael Nasheim 497-6212 County 
Choteau Kyle Harlan 466-2510 City Limits
Colstrip B* (residential only) Russell Murphy  853-5084 City Limits (eff. 7/1/07)
Columbia Falls B, P, E, M Tad Lisowski 863-2416 City Limits
Conrad B Kyle Harlan 271-3623 City Limits
Cutbank B James Yeagley 590-7121 City Limits
Darby B Dale Jankunas (interim) 381-9045 City Limits
Deer Lodge - County B Duntin McKenney 563-4011 County
Deer Lodge - City B (residential only) Dan Green 439-6029 City Limits
East Helena B, E Craig Jenneskins 227-5321 City Limits
Forsyth B * (residential only) Ronald Ball 351-1628 City Limits
Fort Benton B (comm and res) William Ball 621-3850 City Limits (eff 08/19/2016)
Glasgow B, M  Robert Kompel 228-2476  City Limits
Glendive B, W George Lane 377-2361 City Limits
Great Falls B, P(M/G) E, M Craig Raymond 455-8530 City Limits
Hamilton B, P Land Hanson 363-3316 City Limits 
Hardin B (residential only) Joseph Connolly 665-9264 City Limits
Havre B David Peterson 265-4941 City Limits
Helena B, P, E, M Jon Pallister 447-8065 City Limits
Kalispell B, P, M, E, SP Jeff Clawson  758-7730 City Limits (eff 5/22/08)
Laurel B Noel Eaton 628-4796 City Limits (eff 10/1/07)
Lewistown B Rick Benton 535-1776 City Limits  (eff 4-16-2012)
Libby B Ron Higgins 293-2731 City Limits
Livingston B Jim Woodhull (eff 9/4/07) 222-0083 City Limits(no mech as of 3/31/08)
Manhattan B, M Dave Rowell 284-3235 City Limits
Miles City B, SP Dennis Hirsch   853-2511 City Limits (Eff. 5/23/07)
Missoula City B, P(M/G) E, M Don Verrue 552-6042 City Limits
Missoula County B, P, E, M, SP Steve Hutchings 258-3776 County 
Polson (B, M, P RES & COMM) (E RES ONLY) David Simons 883-8216 City Limits (Eff 08/12/14) 
Pondera County Kyle Harlan 721-3623 County (Eff 3-12-2012)
Red Lodge B Tim Swansborough 446-0196 City Limits (B - eff 12/19/08)
Richland County B Alton Hillesland 480-2289 County except Fairview, Sidney
Ronan B Dan Miller 676-4231 City Limits
Shelby B Rob Tasker 434-5222 City Limits
Sidney B Alton Hillesland 480-2289 City Limits
Stevensville B, P, E, M, SP Dennis Monroe 777-5271 City Limits   (eff 3/1/2010)
Toole County B Kyle Harlan 424-8310 County
Townsend B James Schauber 266-3911 City Limits
Troy B Ron Higgins 291-0177 City Limits
West Yellowstone B (Res Only) James Patterson 646-7609 City Limits (updated 04/11/2017
Whitefish B, P, E, M, W Tad Lisowski 863-2411 City Limits (updated 4/28/2016)
Wolfpoint B Teaguean Knudsen 654-4616 City Limits (updated 3/10/2017)

Key: B= Building, P = Plumbing, M/G = Medical Gas, E = Electrical, M = Mechanical, SP = Pool, WUI = W

* Indicates that jurisdiction only enforces this code on residential - UPDATED 04/28/2016

Annual Educational Fund Payment

Semi-Annual 1st Half Educational Fund Payment

Semi-Annual 2nd Half Educational Fund Payment