1.  Where do I find all of the requirements for the registered service provider program? 
     The requirements may be found in subchapter 11 of the Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM):   24.351.1101 through 24.351.1117 ARM


2.  Are there any tests required for technicians to become registered?  Yes

 For Scale and Meters:
There is a class and then you must take a test.  We offer the tests in Helena, MT and hold classes 3 to 4 times per year (roughly  every     3 months) or when there are enough participants to warrant a class.  Contact us to see when the next class will be offered.

 For Belt Scales, Railroad Track Scales and LPG:
 There is no class; you may arrange a test date with us that fits your schedule.  To sign up for a class or schedule a test contact: Email clarkin@mt.gov         or call (406) 443-8065.

3.  Are there any fees required for the service agency and technicians?  Yes, the annual fee is $25 for the agency (company) and $25 for each technician. The registration expires December 31st and the fees can be paid with a check, cash or credit card.

4.  Does it cost anything to take the test?  There is no fee for the test.

5.  What kind of test is it?  There is a 3-4 hour review class before the test and you are allowed to use your book and notes when you take the multiple choice & fill-in-the-blanks test.

6.  Do you accept tests from other states that technicians have passed and certified?  No.

7.  What should I study for the test?
The tests are on the applicable sections of NIST Handbook 44, Specifications, Tolerances and other Technical Requirements of Weighing and Measuring Devices, and Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM):   24.351.1101 through 24.351.1117 ARM (see question 1).  We will provide the law.  You should study Section 1 and either Section 2 or 3, depending on whether you will be servicing meters or scales.  You do not need to memorize formulas because the test is “open book.”  However, you should be familiar with how the handbook is organized and how to find information.  You do not need to study parts of Sections 2 or 3 that apply to devices which you will not service.  For instance, you need not study about propane meters if you will be servicing only gasoline dispensers, or about belt scales if you will be working on grocery store scanner scales.  Finally, it’s a good idea to take a look at the appendices to see what they offer.  

8.  What paperwork is required to become registered?    You will fill out the registration forms after you pass the test.  You must also provide certification done within the past two years at any NIST lab for all standards that will or may be used in Montana.

9.  Does the state require a surety bond to perform work on scales? No.

10.  Does your state require a special security/tamper proof seal to be placed after calibration?  Yes, a plastic or wire tamper resistant seal must be placed on the device after it is calibrated and it must have your assigned registration number on it.  A sticker is acceptable for devices which cannot be “sealed,” 30 pound scanner scales, for example.  Your sticker must identify you, your company, and the date of service.  See question 12.

11.  Has Montana adopted the National Type Evaluation Program?  Yes, all devices placed into service for the first time in Montana and manufactured after January 1, 1999 must have an active certificate of conformance.  To search, go to: 

12.  What if it is digitally sealed? You must apply a company sticker identifying the technician, company, and date of service.  

13.  Is there a pre-notification to the state on when we will be placing the new scale/ systems into service?  No. 

14.  When placing a device into service, what paperwork is required by the state?  A placed in service form must be submitted (or post marked) within 5 working days of the service date for all scales and meters.  A test report is required for any scale with a capacity of 8000 or more pounds.  We can furnish you with the placed in service form or you can develop your own.  If you use an alternate form, you must have it approved by us prior to use.  You can submit them by email, fax or mail for approval.

Electronic version of placed in service forms:
Scale Placed in Service Form:  

Meters Placed in Service Form: 

Mailing Address:
Weights and Measures Bureau
PO Box 200516
Helena, MT  59620-0516  
Email:  clarkin@mt.gov
Fax:     (406) 443-8163

15.  How often must I get my standards certified/calibrated?  Montana law requires all standards and equipment be calibrated/certified at least every two years.

16.  Do you have a NIST recognized metrology laboratory? Yes, call (406) 449-2582 for an appointment.

17.  If our standards or equipment are certified at another state lab can they be used in Montana?  We accept certificates of calibration from any NIST recognized laboratory.  You must provide copies of the certificates when you register.  See question 8.

18.  Can my registration be revoked?  Yes, a certificate of registration can be revoked for good cause, which shall include, but not be limited to:
(a) taking unfair advantage of an owner of a device;
(b) failure to have test equipment or standards certified;
(c) failure to use adequate testing equipment;
(d) continued failure to submit, or to submit in a timely manner, properly completed placed-in service reports for new installations or repair of existing devices;
(e) failure to adjust commercial or law enforcement devices to comply with the regulations adopted by the bureau;
(f) nonpayment of calibration or registration fees; or
(g) continued failure to properly seal devices.


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