Code Interpretation and Code Technical Advisory Request

The purpose of the State Building Code is to provide reasonable uniform standards for construction and construction materials consistent with accepted standards of design, engineering, and fire prevention practices. ARM 24.301.202 requires the codes adopted by certified cities, counties and towns must be same edition with the same amendments as those adopted by the Department. Code adoption and amendments are found in Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM).

It is desirable that code issues be resolved by the building official or authority having jurisdiction. If you have discussed the code question with the building official and you do not agree, it is recommended that to put the question in writing and request a written response. If you still disagree with his/her interpretation, you have the option to appeal their decision at the local level. All certified cities, counties and towns are required to have an appeals process in place. Contact the local building official for details.

You also have the option of applying for a code interpretation or code technical advisory from the State Building Codes Program by submitting thisform. Please read the administrative rules regarding technical advisories (ARM 24.301.212) or code interpretations (ARM 24.301.212) prior to submitting the form. 

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