What is a Building Permit and What Good Does it Do?

Inquire before you build!

You may need state building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits as well as inspections for your construction project.

By reading this document you've already taken the first step toward protecting the outcome and investment value of your construction project. The following information is provided to assist you with the simple steps to obtaining a building permit and to provide you with the guidance necessary to comply with the building codes requirements.

A building permit gives you the legal permission to start construction of a building project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications and helps insure the value of your investment.

A building permit allows the building codes official to maintain a record of your construction project, regarding its completion in compliance with minimum standards of safety, and to protect the public by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction.

The building permit process will assist you in enjoying your new building with the peace of mind that it meets the safety standards in your community and that the job was done right.

In the State of Montana certain new buildings, alterations, additions and repairs must be covered by state building permits prior to starting construction. If you are planning such a building project:

If you have any questions before you start construction, please contact the Building Codes Bureau at (406) 841-2056 or email at buildingcodes@mt.gov.

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