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Residential Permit
NEW Alternate Energy Permit for use by non-licensed installers 
NEW Permit for Homeowners personally performing work on their own home


Please read below regarding permit requirements before applying. Questions regarding electrical permits and investigation please e-mail the Electrical Safety Program or call . (406) 841-2056.


The purpose of the electrical permit issuance and electrical inspections is to protect the health and safety of people and property from the danger of electrically caused shocks, fires and explosions; to establish a procedure for determining where and by whom electrical installations are to be made; and to ensure that the electrical installations and electrical products made and sold in Montana meet minimum safety standards. The Building Codes Bureau provides an Electrical Information Pamphlet to assist in understanding the state electrical requirements. An electrical permit is required for any installation in any new construction, remodeling or repair, except as provided by Section 50-60-602, MCA. For information on permit requirements for alternative energy resources such as generators, solar panels, wind energy sources, etc. to power electrical installations or wired structures click here. State electrical permits are required on all electrical work performed in Montana, except in cities, counties and towns certified to issue electrical permits and conduct inspections.

Jurisdictional Enforcement

NOTE: Certified local governments may enforce the electrical code within their jurisdictional area. All other areas fall under the State's jurisdiction. Contact the Building Codes Bureau or local government to determine which jurisdiction you are in.

Homeowner Electrical Permits

A homeowner may wire his/her own home, garage and premises using a State homeowner's electrical permit. Inspections are conducted by State Electrical Inspectors and permits are obtained from the bureau.

All other electrical wiring projects require State electrical permits obtained by Montana licensed electrical contractors and the wiring must be performed by a Montana licensed electrician. For electrical licensure information, call (406) 444-6880.


NOTE: Electrical permit holders must call for rough-in and final inspections. Please give 48 hours notice before covering up the work. All wiring must meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code.


Prior to starting any electrical installation, the installer or owner shall submit an application for Electrical Permit to the Building Codes Bureau with appropriate fees. Electrical permit applications are also available from any power supplier or electrical inspector. Upon receipt of the application and fee(s), the Bureau will issue the electrical permit covering the installation.

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