2013 Split Weigh Law


House Bill 157 was passed in 2013 to allow split weighing in Montana. Split weighing occurs when the front of a truck or vehicle is weighed and then the rear portion or trailer unit(s) is weighed and the weights are added together to determine the total weight. Split weighing was not a legal method of weighing in Montana until this law was passed. This notice is being provided to inform scale owners, vendors, and purchasers of the requirements for complying with the law that became effective July 1, 2013 and was implemented in §30-12-107 of the Montana Code Annotated

The law directed the Weights and Measures Bureau (Bureau) of the Department of Labor and Industry to promulgate administrative rules to implement the new law. The related administrative rule, ARM 24.351.207, is available for review.

The vendor and purchaser are responsible for the agreement that must accompany delivery of every load of product that is split weighed. Scale owners are not responsible for ensuring split weigh agreements have been executed, nor are they responsible for keeping copies of the agreement. The law requires that a copy of each weigh ticket and supplemental document, if applicable, be submitted by the scale operator within 10 days after the last day of the month the load(s) were split weighed. This allows batches of the required split weigh documents to be submitted once a month. Copies of the agreements do not have to be submitted to the Bureau.

The implemented statute, administrative rule, and supplemental and agreement forms can be found on the Montana Department of Labor & Industry website.

You may also create and use your own forms. In addition, the information provided on the supplemental form may be incorporated into the weigh tickets.

Send copies of the weigh tickets (and supplemental document, if applicable) to:

Weights and Measures Bureau
Montana Department of Labor and Industry
PO Box 200516
Helena, MT 59620-0516

Please feel free to contact the Weights and Measures Bureau at (406) 841-2056 if you have any questions regarding split weighing.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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