Approved Alternative Methods and Materials

State statute, 50-60-201, requires that the State Building Codes Program allow permitting for the use of modern technical methods, devices, and improvements that tend to reduce the cost of construction. These methods must have reasonable requirements to provide for the health and safety of building users and occupants, be consistent with the conservation of energy, and by design criteria result in the efficient use of energy.

Listed below are methods, devices and improvements that have been approved by the Montana State Building Code Program:

3-D PRINTED BUILDINGS UTILIZING HEMP: This alternative method has been approved in Montana as an alternate means of compliance for all types of construction.  It is allowed anywhere CMU block (cinder block) construction is utilized.

 JONES STEPHENS CORPORATION PEX-AI-PEX PIPING AND FITTING SYSTEM & INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: This material and system is approved for use in gas applications in the State of Montana pursuant to the 2018 International Fuel Gas Code, Section 105.2, Alternative materials, design, and methods of construction and equipment.


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