Inspection Areas & Contact Information

The Building & Commercial Measurements Bureau has highly qualified inspectors assigned geographically throughout the state that perform the inspections required by Montana law. Below is information regarding the inspectors for each area and how you can contact the local inspectors for inspection or questions.

Please see one of the listings below sorted by either city or county; this list will show you who the inspector for each permit type is for that city/county.  You can then click on the contact information link to see a listing of inspectors by name including their phone number and email address. 

If you see CERTIFIED instead of an inspectors name this means that the type of inspection you are looking for is conducted by the city or county as they are certified by the state to regulate this permit/ inspection type.  Click here for a listing of certified jurisdictions and their contact information. 

Inspection Areas by County

 Inspection Areas by City

Inspector Contact Information

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