Building Codes Council

Council Members

The Building Codes Council exists for the purpose of assisting the department with the application, implementation, and interpretation of the state building code and building codes adopted by counties, cities, or towns. 

The council works cooperatively with the department and with representatives of the construction industry and the interested public, to harmonize building codes and related rules with both the needs of the construction industry and the public interest in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety.

Council members are appointed by the Governor with Senate confirmation. The council's 12 members serve 3 year terms.

For additional contact information and information on council member terms, please visit the Office of the Governor's link for Board Members and Councils at

Jon Lewis, Representative for Department of Public Health & Human Services

Joe Nistler, Home Building Industry 

Robert Risk, County, City, or Town Building Inspector

Josh Steed, Building Contractor Industry 

Matthew Lemert, Licensed Plumber

Josh Wallery, Manufactured Housing Industry

John Gordon, Licensed Electrician

John Carmody, Practicing Professional Engineer

John Poston, Elevator Mechanic

Jason Fitzgerald, Practicing Architect

Dick Swingley, State Fire Marshall

Rusty Cash, Public Member

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