Boiler Permits

Apply for a Boiler Permit


Please read below regarding permit requirements before applying. Questions regarding boiler permits and investigation please e-mail the Boiler Safety Program or call (406) 841-2056.


The purpose of the boiler safety program is to provide safety standards for the design, construction, installation, operation, inspection, testing, maintenance, alteration and repair of boilers and steam engines. State boiler permits are required on all boiler installations performed in Montana.

Jurisdictional Enforcement

NOTE: If the installation is within the jurisdiction of a city, county or town certified to issue mechanical permits; a state permit is still required but there is no charge. Consult with your local jurisdiction for further information and local requirements.


Boiler permit holders must call for an initial installation inspection. Please give 48 hours notice for an inspection. The installation must meet the requirements of the currently adopted boiler code.


Installation permits and annual safety inspections are required for all boilers except those exempted by 50-74-103, MCA. Following the safety inspection, the correction of any deficiencies found during inspection, and the payment of the boiler certificate of inspection fee the owner and/or user of the boiler will be issued a BOILER OPERATING CERTIFICATE which authorizes the boiler to be operated until the next date of inspection.

To operate a boiler the operator must be licensed with the proper grade of license for the type and size of boiler they are operating.  You can find more information about boiler licensure on the program’s webpage.

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