Licensing of Scales and Meters

According to Montana statutes all weighing or measuring devices used commercially in the State of Montana must purchase an annual license from the Weights & Measures Bureau through the E-stop licensing system. You can find links to the E-stop application and the Department of Revenue's website at the bottom of this page.
Regarding scales, the term "used commercially," means those scales that are used to determine the weight of a commodity upon which the selling price is based. Examples of these types of scales would include; front-end scales found in grocery stores, pre-packaging scales used to label meat or deli products, and scales used to weigh nails or screws in hardware stores. Scales not considered "commercial" include those used to weigh components or ingredients in the manufacturing process, scales used for portion control in sandwich shops or restaurants and scales used in the health care industry.
Measuring device fees are per meter, not number of hoses, nozzles, or cabinets. Because the number of meters used in each Multiple Product Dispenser (MPD) cabinet to measure product varies among manufacturers, you may want to consult with the installer to determine the correct number of meters that must be licensed, or you can contact Weights & Measures and we will make an on-site visit to help you determine the number of meters.

Current license fees are as follows:

Table shows fees for measuring devices (meters) based on manufacturers rated capacity of device
Weighing devices or scales: Manufactures listed capacity Cost per device
0 - 499 pounds $20.00
500 - 1,999 pounds $33.00
2,000 - 7,999 pounds $64.00
8,000 - 60,000 pounds $165.00
over 60,000 pounds $280.00
Table shows fees for weighing devices based on manufacturers rated capacity of device
Measuring devices or meters: Manufacturers rated capacity Cost per device
Less than 20 gallons per minute $21.00
21 - 130 gallons per minute $70.00
Greater than 130 gallons per minute $83.00
All LPG (propane) meters $102.00

The Department of Revenue's One-Stop Business Licensing program issues all licenses for the Weights & Measures Bureau. You can visit the Department of Revenue's eStop Business Licenses website to apply online or click to access the application.

For additional information concerning licensing your commercial devices please contact the Weights & Measures Bureau at (406) 841-2056 or email our licensing specialist.

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