Registered Repair Person Program

In Montana, any weighing or measuring device, either new or being returned to commercial service after repairs or reconditioning, must be "placed in service" by a registered service company or individual.
"Placed in Service" means a registered individual using certified testing apparatus has inspected and tested the device and certifies that the device meets all applicable rules and regulations. After certifying the device, the registered repair person will affix their seal on the device, which will allow that device to be used commercially until such time as the device has an official inspection performed on it by a Bureau official.

Placed in Service Report Forms:    Scales  Meters 

Registered Service Agency Lists:   Registered Scale Service Agencies 

                                                      Petroleum Meter Service Agencies

 Registered Service Program Training Courses Being Offered:

Weights & Measures will be sponsoring Registered Service Program classes designed to prepare you for becoming a registered service provider in Montana. Cost is $25 per person per classes. Classes start at 9 a.m and are held at 3806 East Hwy. 12, East Helena, MT.

2024 Classe Schedule:

Meter Class- July 15th 

Scale Class- October 21st

2025 Class Schedule:

Meter Classes- January 13th & 14th

Scale Classes- March 17th & October 20th

Contact Information

Specific Registration Requirement Questions Contact:

Mathieu Bianchini for scale class information: (406) 461-7932

Tracy LaSalle for meter class information: (406) 465-4649 OR email

Weights and Measures Repair Person Program
P.O. Box 200516
Helena, MT 59620-0516
Fax: (406) 841-2050

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